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Q: Why do I have to have a maintenance contract?
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A: The aerobic septic plant coupled with the drip irrigation and surface irrigation disposal systems are unique among septic systems available on the market as the waste water is disposed of shallower than the 18" minimum burial depth required of other types of systems. It is for this reason a proffesional licenesed maintenance provider must monitor the system AND HELP GUIDE THE USER IN ITS FUNCTION AND REPAIR.
Q: Do I have to have a choice about what kind of septic system I have, is there a way I can not have to deal with this maintenance contract hassle?

A: You absolutley have a choice as to the kind of septic sytem you get provided it hasn't been installed yet. After its in the ground, you have to live with whats on that piece of property. When a new septic system is proposed to the county for a permit, the owner of that parcel of land signs documents and those documents are recorded at the county courthouse making them binding. From that moment on all future owners must comply with the state laws and county rules regarding septic systems.
Q: I lived in "_____" county and I didnt have to have a maintenance contract there.
Q: I've been on a septic before and never had to deal with this.

A: Those are sounds of frustration, Thats perfectly understandable when not all counties in TX run the same way. The state of TX issues rules and its up to the individual counties to comply and what level of participation they operate. We reccomend starting off by asking maintenance providers for educational conversations rather than the county. Their role really isnt to educate homeowners even though they do try. Learn what to ask from those that want your business. Then when you've got a grasp on the subject ask the county for confirmation. That way all things are verified and you wont be hoodwinked or taken advantage of.
Q: Why does it seem like the aerobic septic system is my only option? Where are the septics systems of yesterday?

A: It may feel like all those other septic systems are no longer an option but they very much are. A few things have happened in the last 30 years in TX that have been catalysts for the changes in the waste water landscape.
1. Houses have been getting bigger as a general rule. We are building more outside patios, driveways made of concrete, and we want more space for our stuff. All this hard surface building we are doing increases run off. If you've lived in the hill country for more than 20 years surely you're noticing the increased flooding, the increased road and bridge construction...This is a direct result of TX rain water hitting something hard and flowing across your yard...that increase means we have to really evaluate much harder whether an underground disposal system will be viable for 20+ years.
2. Our water habits...I dont know about you but I like alot of water pressure in my shower. My kids and my wife enjoy freshly washed clothes every day. Lets face it we use alot more water today than we did 20 years ago, and it doesn't look like that will be changing anytime soon. The more we eat at home the more dishes we make and the more washes we do...All that water has to go somewhere...and not only do we shower in July but we also shower in January when theres no sun to dry up the ground in our yard...and certain houses are where all the family goes for Holidays... So as an installer of a septic system we must build something that will not only serve our customers in August and July but also in January and Febuary and...Thanksgiving Day!
3. We have come to understand soil mechanics better. Got clay soil? Most everyone says no, but after digging all over the state its safe to say that a big swath of the lonestar state has either a highly clay content or at least a moderate content. While clay particles make great filters because of increased surface area...Water does not move fast through this soil class. What that means for designers is we have to build a system twice as large as we did 30 years ago. Twice as big means twice the time and twice the material...and gues what else gets doubled...yep, the price.

So you can see that there are a lot of reasons the aerobic septic septic system dominates the market. None of those reasons include a hidden agenda to force you to buy something you dont want.

Yes we are a service company and we sell our products but I'm also a Native Texan, and neighbor...a good installation along with a good explination...along with a good maintenance provider will go along way to easing your worries. I'd bet my hat on that!